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The Katerva Award program covers the gamut of sustainable innovations – anything that has the potential to achieve greater global wealth and human well-being while reducing our impact on the planet.


Food & Water

A society where everyone is provided with clean water and safe nourishing food. Including sustainable disruptive innovations related to:

  • Food security and waste reduction
  • Water and wastewater management
  • Forrest and land management
  • Dietary and behavioral change

Cities & Mobility

A society where everyone can live and move freely, safely and pollution-free. Including sustainable disruptive innovations related to:

  • Affordable and sustainable housing
  • Transportation and infrastructure
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Advanced materials for construction and transportation

Energy & Environment

A society where everyone can enjoy a clean and sustainable resources and energy. Including sustainable disruptive innovations related to:

  • Renewable energy generation, transmission and storage
  • Fauna and flora
  • Oceans and reef systems
  • Air quality

Health & Wellbeing

A society where everyone can enjoy long and healthy life. Including sustainable disruptive innovtions related to:

  • Access and affordability
  • Advanced medicine, techniques, devices, diagnostics, data and AI
  • Mental and emotional health
  • Diet and fitness

Education & Human Resources

A society where everyone is able and willing to contribute to society. Including sustainable disruptive innovations related to:

  • Access and affordability
  • Social and emotional learning
  • Identity and engagement
  • Rights, freedom and privacy



Behavioral Change

Behavior is the mirror in which everyone displays his own image.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Poet
Even when new technologies come out weekly, people can often be a mass of unchanging habits. This category covers those initiatives that educate people, raise awareness, and work towards better morals and habits at a global level. The best technologies can do little to save the planet if individuals do not decide to use them.


Avoid being on a fixed wage.

Indian Proverb
Money may make the world go around, but fair values and free markets make it a more enjoyable ride. Recent economic events have thrusted many global economic weaknesses into the spotlight. This category includes works to implant transparency, remove barriers, and internalize costs. The pinnacle of economic sustainability is making market price equal true value.

Energy & Power

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.

Eleanor Roosevelt, Civil Rights Advocate
The global energy equation is one quite damaging to the atmosphere and environment. Carbon emissions are perhaps the largest problem to result from current energy systems. This category covers new technologies and innovations in energy production, storage, and delivery. It also includes technologies and initiatives focused on cleaning up current power systems.


Conservation is humanity caring for the future.

Nancy Newhall, Critic
Space is one very finite resource our planet has to offer. Efforts must be made to create sustainable systems by which important environments are replaced at the same rate or faster than they are used. This category covers programs to protect and regenerate forests, oceans, our atmosphere, and other limited environments as well as initiatives to create sustainable land use processes.


Food is our common ground, a universal experience.

James Beard, Chef
A global human population of 7 billion demands large strides in food production and security. This category involves those efforts made to improve output and efficiency of farmland and fisheries and reduce their effect on environmental systems. As well, this category covers innovations involving efficient water use and sustainable and safe alternative food supplies.

Gender Equality

Gender equality is a precondition to overcoming starvation, poverty and epidemics.

Khalid Malik, Civil Servant
Entire societies develop for the better when women are enabled to be fully contributing community members. Strides in gender equality lead to strides against all forms of discrimination. This category covers programming and initiatives designed to improve the overall state of women, provide them with more opportunities, and defend their right to equal treatment alongside men.

Human Development

Humanity is just a work in progress.

Tennessee Williams, Playwright
In 2026 the global human population is expected to reach 8 billion. Now more than ever before, issues related to population density, poverty, peace, and security are on the minds of some of the planet’s top thinkers. This category covers all initiatives related to maintaining and improving the quality of life for all people despite the growing population.

Materials, Resources & Water

Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting.

Richard Buckminster Fuller, Inventor
A truly sustainable world is one that produces not a single grain of waste. This require efforts at both ends of the waste cycle. Resources must be used hyper-efficiently and materials must be made entirely recyclable. This category covers advancements in man-made materials, resource efficiency, waste reduction and water management. All of which are critical to making a sustainable positive impact in the other award categories.


Ambition is the path to success, persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.

William Eardley IV, Public Servant
Regardless of the advancement of communication systems and automated processes, we will always need ways to get things (including ourselves) from point A to point B. This category covers innovations and efforts leading to safe and accessible, low- or zero-carbon transportation forms and efforts to improve current methods of mass transportation of materials.

Smart Cities

The road to success is always under construction.

Lily Tomlin, Actress
The continued growth of the global human population demands changes to infrastructure and living spaces. As well, food, energy, communications, water, and other resource delivery systems need to be upgraded and streamlined. This category covers the creation of energy efficient and sustainable remakes of the current systems in place to house and support people.

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