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2018 - Gender Equality - Category Winner


The exclusion of women in the workforce in both developing countries and mature markets has resulted in not only a massive loss of human potential but also loss of human life - especially in countries (including the US) where millions of people continue to lack access to quality, affordable healthcare. doctHERs reintegrates female healthcare providers (HCPs) who have been excluded from the workforce by using a digital health platform that connects remotely-located female doctors (who work from home) to health consumers in need via trusted intermediaries such as tablet-equipped nurse/midwife-assisted video-consultation (telemedicine). doctHERs is unique in that it uses a digital health platform to match the underutilized capacity of female doctors (who would otherwise be excluded from the workforce) to the unmet needs of health consumers in emerging markets - it addresses two market failures in a single platform-based model. To date doctHERs has impacted over 100,000 women, while reintegrating over 500 healthcare professionals into the health workforce.
2019 - Gender Equality - Category Winner


Maternova are facilitating access to life-saving innovation in newborn, obstetrics and reproductive health, by educating, marketing, distributing and evaluating such products to private hospitals, governments, Ministries of Health, NGOs and healthcare professionals around the world. A share of their profits goes into midwifery training schools in the lowest resource countries of the world. Their non-profit sister entity, Maternova Research, oversees research and training initiatives.
2011 - Gender Equality - Category Winner


Maternova is a web-based innovation portal: one part long-range media company covering innovations focused on saving lives in childbirth, one part marketplace for lifesaving ideas and tools.
2012 - Gender Equality - Category Winner

Safe World for Women

A five-year-old UK-based NGO that works with grassroots groups around the world to promote women’s economic empowerment through training and access to finance for small business. Its website includes dozens of stories and interviews about international women’s rights and issues, including recent pieces about reproductive health in Indonesia and the challenges faced by women candidates running for office in Kenya.
2013 - Gender Equality - Category Winner

We Care Solar

This Berkeley, CA based nonprofit, founded in 2009, delivers solar electricity kits to off-the-grid maternity clinics and hospitals to power lighting and medical equipment, saving the lives of many mothers and babies who would otherwise be delivered in the dark. It also serves hospitals and clinics with unreliable electricity.
2014 - Gender Equality - Category Winner

The Gender Equality Principles Initiative

The Gender Equality Principles Initiative is a public-private collaborative formed by the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women, Calvert, and Verité. In 2008, these three partners drafted the Gender Equality Principles. The Gender Equality Principles offer practical standards to which companies can aspire, and a measure against which they can assess their progress on fundamental issues of gender equality. The Initiative has developed several tools to help encourage the use and implementation of its comprehensive principles, including: a web-based assessment to help companies understand their policies' strengths and weaknesses in terms of gender-responsiveness, a resource database, and, most recently, the Gender Equality Challenge. All of the Initiative's materials and tools have been created with direct input from a range of companies, non-governmental organizations, and experts in gender, human rights, labour, employment, and legal issues to ensure that they are operationally relevant and can be used effectively and extensively.
2015 - Gender Equality - Category Winner

Akili Dada

Akili Dada is an award-winning leadership incubator investing in girls and young women from underprivileged backgrounds who have a passion for social change

Gender Equality

Gender equality is a precondition to overcoming starvation, poverty and epidemics.

Khalid Malik, Civil Servant
Entire societies develop for the better when women are enabled to be fully contributing community members. Strides in gender equality lead to strides against all forms of discrimination. This category covers programming and initiatives designed to improve the overall state of women, provide them with more opportunities, and defend their right to equal treatment alongside men.

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