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2017 - Transportation - Category Winner


ElectRoad is paving the way for future clean and safe e-mobility solutions with a unique Dynamic Wireless Electrification System for electric transportation. ElectRoad’s revolutionary technology removes the energy source (ie. NO battery, chemicals) from the vehicle and powers it wirelessly via minimal infrastructure located under the driving lane. ElectRoad enables vehicles to be powered by wireless energy, no need to stop for recharging or refueling. The unique infrastructure will enable mass usage of renewable energy from the grid for powering the transportation sector. After the system has initially been deployed for urban public transportation, it will serve as a platform for all vehicles, eliminating the initial capital costs ElectRoad can harvest energy by the vehicle braking and transfer it back to the electricity grid, reducing the total amount of energy consumed by the transportation sector.
2018 - Transportation - Category Winner

AirGo Design

Founded in Singapore in 2013, AirGo is an award-winning and patent-pending design concept that will bring both airline profits and passenger experience to a whole new level. AirGo Design offers an ultra-light and thin seat frame that brings human ergonomics to design and it converts to brand engagement and travellers’ preference. Novel, lightweight materials and innovative cushion technology, make direct cost savings to airline partners by reducing jet fuel consumption and carbon footprint due to lightweight seat design; lowering maintenance cost of aircraft interiors; enhancing floor space management; and high recyclability. AirGo seats are 50% lighter and 12% wider than existing long-haul economy seats and offer 4 inch more legroom for the same floor space to the pitch. New technologies include: Self-cleaning surfaces (no maintenance), AirCushion technology with Osteomorphic padding (superior comfort), braided composites (ultra-light), 3D scanning (optimised geometry, ergonomic design), fabric with micro-armour (increased durability).
2011 - Transportation - Category Winner

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan LEAF is a zero-emission, all-electric vehicle with an ambitious mission. The LEAF acronym promises a vehicle that is a Leading, Environmentally-friendly, Affordable, Family car.
2012 - Transportation - Category Winner

Mitsubishi Air Lubrication System for Shipping

This invention by Japanese technology giant Mitsubishi aims to cut CO2 emissions from ships and increase fuel efficiency. The system sends air to the bottom of the hull, which creates a layer of bubbles, reducing drag and moving the ship more efficiently. The system cuts CO2 emissions by 13%. The goal is to make it the standard for all vessels, from ferries to bulk carriers to cruise ships.
2013 - Transportation - Category Winner

MIT’s City Car

The MIT Media Lab invented a small, two-passenger electric vehicle capable of folding in order to minimize its parking footprint. It uses a technology called “Robot Wheels” that make it possible for each wheel to operate independently and navigate tight spaces.
2014 - Transportation - Category Winner

Proterra’s EcoRide

With fast-charging technology, the EcoRide bus can stay on the road longer than other electric buses while offering safe and energy-efficient transit. Proterra’s EcoRide bus is the first full-size, zero-emissions electric vehicle (EV) transit bus in revenue service in the United States. The bus features a fast-charge system that keeps it on the road with no overnight charging requirements. With on-route fast-charging, the bus can charge in as few as 5 minutes, keeping it in passenger service for as long as required. Proterra states that the bus can cover 480+ kilometres per day. The composite body of the bus provides a 20% to 40% weight reduction without jeopardizing safety. The body of the bus is stronger and more resistant to crashes, leading to a 40% longer lifespan.
2019 - Transportation - Category Winner


Dreyev is an advanced solution to prevent crashes caused by inattentive driving. Unlike existing solutions, dreyev creates driving behavior models, anticipates upcoming risks and generates personalized, real-time, urgency-triggered alerts. As a unique technology, it evaluates driver's reaction time and quality of corrective actions in response to warnings and alerts generated by the virtual copilot, in order to generate an accurate profile of a driver's attitude to risk and ability to cope with it. It includes an in-vehicle dual camera, powered by computer vision and machine learning in a smartphone-based application.


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Regardless of the advancement of communication systems and automated processes, we will always need ways to get things (including ourselves) from point A to point B. This category covers innovations and efforts leading to safe and accessible, low- or zero-carbon transportation forms and efforts to improve current methods of mass transportation of materials.

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