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The Katerva Awards are the pinnacle of global sustainability recognition. Through them, the best ideas on the planet are identified, refined and accelerated toward impact at a global level.


Katerva has created a very powerful and unique process for vetting nominees, which consists of five stages:

  1.  A global network of technology and innovation scouts provide us with a continuous feed of disruptive products, services, technologies, business models and business processes from across all sectors, from around the world, and at all stages of development.
  2. The submissions are being reviewed by Katerva’s Nomination Committee who are looking for the nominee’s that leap efficiency, lifestyle, consumption and action a generation ahead of current thinking and have the potential to change industries.
  3.  A prescriptive analytics platform further winnows the nominee pool down, identifying the Top 50 Finalists.
  4.  These Top 50 Finalists are then passed along to our expert panels, of which there are four. They further reduce the field to the Top 5 Category Winners.
  5.  In a final step our Awards Council identifies the Grand Prize Winner out of our 5 Category winners.


There are four expert panels:

  1. Impact Panel
  2. Policy Panel
  3. Scalability Panel
  4. Validation Panel

See here to view more details on the panels and their members.


Each Katerva 50 finalist must meet six criteria:

  1. original
  2. readily available
  3. positive social/environmental impact
  4. financially viable
  5. scientifically feasible
  6. scalable

Katerva 50 finalists must provide a unique solution to a significant social or environmental problem. The best candidates are able to prove that they are clearly differentiated from all competitive offerings.


Katerva 50 finalists must be more than just vague ideas or blueprints. Katerva is all about innovations and solutions that are accessible and able to move us towards a sustainable society today. It does include solutions that are not yet realized and some that are only prototypes. Such cases have been included because they have strong commitment from investors, partners, markets, or politicians that suggest further development is likely in progress.


At the very least, Katerva 50 finalists represent an improvement from the status quo in terms of having a positive impact on global social and / or environmental factors. The best candidates incorporate cutting-edge technologies or methods that challenge present standards and the “business as usual” mentality.


The cost of a given innovation or solution must be justified in light of its promised benefits. Candidates are not discredited for relying on subsidies or highly philanthropic business models. But affordability and financial sustainability are key qualities for Katerva 50 finalists.


An innovation or solution may look good in theory or in the lab but can it withstand rigorous scientific scrutiny. Katerva 50 Finalists must be able to convince the scientific elite that their work will deliver the promised results.


The ability to scale up is essential. This entails that innovations or solutions can have a wider and lasting impact beyond their present location and circumstances. Scalable solutions are characterized by being backed by strong partners, quality management, and having a sound business model.


Note: Our panels consist of experts with whom Katerva has a non-financial relationship. Katerva has been in close dialogue with the panelists, who have been encouraged to disclose any biases, such as technology preferences, personal interests, and/or policies of organizations they represent. Some panelists have asked to remain unaccredited due to internal policies of the organizations they represent.

Accelerating the Future...

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