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Letting Go Of The Illusion Of Control
In our six part series we are looking at mindset shifts that are necessary if we are serious about moving towards sustainability. The first shift was about moving from linear to systemic thinking. The second shift, letting go of control, is sharing some of the same roots: both linear thinking and a sense of control aim to minimise perceived uncertainty.

Our Wishes For The Festive Season And TheNew Year 

May the speed with which we accelerate towards true sustainability of our planet outpace the speed of environmental degradation. 

We are serious about moving the sustainability needle. Our last newsletter presented 6 mindset shifts that are essential to bring about change. This first on is in our view the most important: connectedness and systems thinking.


... by Gareth Cooper

A new awards cycle has begun, and we are pleased to issue our first newsletter of the season.

In the last awards cycle, we used our 10 awards categories as an anchor point for our newsletters. Now we address, not the science behind climate change, nor the technologies required to create change, but why change is happening so slowly and which cultural shifts are required before we can exist sustainably. When the science is clear and accepted, why do governments, consumers, businesses and others not act as if the world as we know it could come to an end?

Some continue to deny the material in front of them; we may call this wilful blindness. A book by Margaret Heffernan illustrates this topic with a beautiful and shocking story. You can also watch her TED talk (see also below).

We are delighted to announce our 2019 Grand Prize Winner! After intense and difficult liberations of our Awards Council, we are now ready to present our 2019 Grand Prize Winner Perfect Day, from our Food category. 


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