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San Diego, Calif. (April 15, 2019) – For the 8th year Katerva has been scouring the globe to identify the most promising sustainable disruptive innovations, the kind of innovation that makes our world a better place, and leads us towards sustainability. Reuters Environment Forum had this to say about us: "If the Nobel Society had an award for sustainable innovations, it would resemble the Katerva Awards, an international prize for the most promising ideas and innovations to advance the planet towards sustainability." Founded by Terry Waghorn, who is joined by board members Ken Blanchard and Maylin Burnham, Katerva's mission is to create a global community interested in finding and accelerating the spread of the world's most promising sustainable innovations. Our advisory board includes major business leaders, scholars and sustainability experts including: Anthony Zolezzi, Cliff Go, Inguelore Scheunemann, and Manhong Liu.

Well over 1500 nominees were identified by Katerva’s researchers and spotters, all of whom volunteer to help Katerva achieve its mission. About half of those identified were invited to participate in the 2-stage submission process which generates a ranking within each of the ten awards categories which in turn informs the choice of Finalists. The categories, which include Behaviour Change, Economy, Gender Equality, and Smart Cities, build on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Viva Cundliffe, CSO at Finalists in the Environment category GC Green Carbon Inc, comments, “We are simply delighted and greatly heartened by this news. The Katerva Awards occupy a critical place in the innovation landscape and we are grateful to be a part of their work.”

“In today’s world where we receive so much negative news, it is such a privilege to be associated with something that is so full of optimism and potential,” said Dr Bettina von Stamm, Director of Awards Program.  “I am always humbled by our nominees, their vision, their passion, and their determination. Whether their impact be small or large, I wish I could acknowledge all our nominees for the great work they are doing. If you know of a potential nominee candidate for Katerva, we accept submissions throughout the year; all you need to do is to complete our online form.”

Here the 2019 Finalists:

Clensta Waterless ProductBathe or wash your hair without using a single drop of water.
ExpandalsFootwear that grows with your child.
ExplorMor LabsUsing emerging technologies to bridge the science-public divide
Integrity Idol"Naming and Faming" honest government officials around the world.
LifeinaBox by LifeinaBox that keeps medication refrigerated, secure and with you.
Pass It DownStorytelling platform innovating how communities tell their stories.
ROYBIAI-powered robot in early education and language development.
SolarpakWaterproof backpack provides light for school children via solar panel.
Unruly StudiosEmpowering children to learn STEM skills through social recess-style play.
Imaflora - Origens BrasilPlatform to drive ethical trade and rain forest protection.
AliceAlice brings transparency to social funding.
ConflictfoodDirect & fair trade with  small-scale farmers in conflict-stricken regions.
Deal'nSupporting ISR - individual social responsibility - by enabling trading and connecting of resources, tangible or otherwise to ensure nothing goes to waste.
Excess Materials ExchangeDigitally facilitated marketplace for exchange of excess materials and products.
Folia WaterWholesale manufacturing low cost paper filters for low income customers.
Funtrench LimitedBuilding an ecosystem of emerging technologies and skills to create employment.
MiMiMobile based money remittance transfer for Africa using Blockchain technology.
NaTakallamConnecting refugees to remote work opportunities in the language sector.
OkoCreate low-cost crop insurance for smallholder farms.
Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy3D-printed zero energy building, wirelessly sharing electricity with a 3D-printed car.
Anyware Smart AdaptorAdaptor that delivers much more than lighting.
Axiom EnergySmart, active management solutions for energy efficiency in refrigeration.
eC17 by eChemionElectrode treatment designed to extend life of redox flow batteries.
EcoVolt Reactor by Cambrian InnovationEcoVolt cleans wastewater while creating clean water and clean energy.
Kerfless wafering by high throughput epitaxySilicon wafer production technology with high cost reduction potential.
ReppieA power plant to turn waste to energy.
tessolarImprove solar photovoltaic system performance and reduce installed system costs.
TG Companies LLCRecycling equipment for end-of-life solar cells and modules.
WaffcoGarbage burning stove.
BeebagzThe first 100% plastic-free food storage baggie.
CO2 Evolution®Increase standard of living while decreasing resource consumption and pollution.
DGradeECO friendly products made from recycled plastic bottles.
DycleFree biodegradable diapers convert to black earth feeding fruit trees.
Gedeihen RecyclersIncentive based recycling in low-income communities- Reward for Waste Initiative.
GC Green Carbon IncMembrane that destroys atmospheric greenhouse gases in two ways.
House built with plastic waste by Bamboo House, IndiaBuild house with plastic waste.
mobiusBiodegradable plastics made from lignin.
Precient TechnologiesCapture precious metals that are currently lost in wastewater streams.
WavacupAll-paper, ergonomic, spill-free cup that eliminates plastic lids.
AgrintSensing technology to detect the infestation in trees early.
Alesca Life TechnologiesAgricultural technology to enable more localized and data-driven food production.
Apeel SciencesEnables fruits to be stored longer.
bioORMOCEROrganic, compostable coating for fresh food packaging.
Burried DiffuserHighly efficient underground irrigation technique suitable for agroforestry and horticulture.
FarmInABoxFish farming.
IgnitiaThe world's first tropical weather forecast.
NanoCapSolutioinOne green product application protects a crop for all season.
OvieWorld's first smart food storage system preventing food wastage.
Perfect Day flora-based dairy proteinDairy Reinvented: Sustainable. Kind. Delicious.
Girls Going GlobalEmpowers underserved girls, ages 13-17, by providing tools, mentorship, education.
IfassenFashion brand that re-uses plastic waste and empowers rural women.
MaternovaAccelerating access to simple solutions that save women's lives.
DiapestA machine that clean reusable diapers in 1 step.
Sustainable Preservation InitiativeSPI builds futures and saves pasts.
AperiomicsIdentifying every bacteria, Virus, fungus & parasite in one test.
AUMRestoring speech after throat cancer, voice prosthesis for $1.
Be My EyesBringing sight to blind and low-vision people.
DesignMedixUnique, rapid approach for developing drugs to overcome drug resistance.
Human heart ventricle 3-D modelA tissue-engineered scale model of the heart ventricle.
Kill tumor cells without damaging health cellsNew treatment can reprogram cancer cells to normal state.
Magnetized wire to detect cancer in peopleCatching tumor cells with magnetized wires.
Molecular Fingerprint (mPrint)Enabling personalized medicine through predictive analytics and biomarker discovery.
Neuro Rehab VRVirtual/Augmented training exercises for physical therapy leveraging breakthroughs in neuroplasticity.
StentrodeMinimally invasive brain implant that interprets signals for paralysis patients.
Altais NovaA recyclable, magnetic coating that replaces multi-layered packaging.
Carbo CultureConverting CO2 into valuable biocarbon products.
Customem Biobased FiltrationFilter for polluted water.
Hemp PlasticHemp Bioplastic, sustainable green packaging.
LanzaTechBiological conversion of carbon to products.
PukioWater access solutions from water vapour.
PulpWorksSustainable packaging for the consumer products industry.
Recycled Tires Concrete ProjectRecycled tires create stronger, greener concrete.
Self-Healing FabricSelf-healing, highly elastic, almost entirely transparent material that conducts electricity.
ShowerloopRecycle shower water.
ContainerwerkRetrofits of shipping containers for use as living spaces.
IssueVoterAlerts on new bills before they are passed, tracks outcome.
JapaTechnology that makes the parking experience easier.
NelplastBuilding blocks (for road, roof) made from recycled plastic bottles.
PikMyKidSchool safety system that ensures student safety with several features.
PolyPortProtect valuable 3D assets through secure collaboration and delivery platform.
RoadBoticsRoadway management using Artificial Intelligence.
SoundGuardAffordable soundproofing paint for commercial and residential properties.
SweetSenseSensors to monitor water, sanitation, energy & rural infrastructure.
Cooling Polymer CoatingPaint-like material to keep buildings cool.
AmpaireRevolutionary electric commercial aircraft.
dreyevAI co-pilot keeps drivers safe at all times.
FenSensWorld’s first smart wireless parking sensor and hands-free mobile app.
Solar E-CyclesUses recycled parts to create lowest cost environmental-friendly transportation device.
Zooby by infanttech100% wireless baby monitor for cars.

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