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We have been thinking about how we can best support you, our nominees. One way we felt we might be able to do that is to give some grounding to your entrepreneurial journey: Knowledge in a Nutshell: from ideation to business model generation, from market development and financing your start-up to building your team. 

Each of these 30-minute sessions will be broadcast live online, so you have opportunities to ask questions, and we will provide some tips, reading and videos that help you delve deeper into the topics. As we will also record these sessions you will have the opportunity to re-visit them at your leisure.

We are delighted to have won Greg Horowitt for the first series. As the cofounder and Managing Director of T2 Venture Creation who has spent 25+ years working in startups and venture capital, an Innovation Ecosystem Architect who has co-authored the bestselling book, The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley, a serial entrepreneur as well as public speaker and adviser to international and domestic organizations and governments, Greg has a unique expertise at the intersection of high impact startup investment + mentorship, innovation based economic development, capital formation, policy, strategy, technology transfer and commercialization. I forgot to mention that he also teaches entrepreneurship at the University of San Diego California and lectures at Stanford university.

All seminars will take place every 3rd Thursday of the month at the following times: 9.00 PDT, 12.00 EDT, 13.00 BST, 17.00 GMT, 0.00 SST - you can check your local time here.

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Our Program

16th May 2019         IDEATION 

The greatest business opportunities don’t start with existing knowledge; they originate in your imagination.   This course will provide tips and other useful tools for breaking out of the mold, and helping you take your inspirations and turn them into viable business options. 



Business plans are static and relatively inflexible documents focused on the future of your enterprise.  Business models are dynamic and flexible frameworks which allow entrepreneurs to gather their assumptions and options; then discover ways of testing, iterating them, and evolving them to a point where they find a scalable and sustainable model.   


18th July 2019         CUSTOMER and MARKET DEVELOPMENT

All material facts about your startup don’t exist in the classroom, they exist in the market.  This module focuses on gathering customer feedback and other relevant market data to feed back into your model.   


19th September 2019        FINANCING YOUR STARTUP

While ideas and technology are the engine of your business, capital is the fuel necessary to catapult your endeavor forward.   This module will help you determine the right type of capital for the size and stage of your business.  In addition, we will address how to prepare for, and approach investors to ensure the best chances for success.  


17th October 2019    BUILDING YOUR TEAM

Companies are not built by single, mythological founder figures, but rather by functional teams of highly competent and diversified individuals.   Learning how to choose those who will follow you into battle and play together like a well-honed symphony orchestra is a core competency of success.  This module will focus on the human capital side of the enterprise equation:  choosing, building and motivating stellar teams.   




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