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Drumroll please! 

We are delighted to announce our 2019 Grand Prize Winner! After intense and difficult liberations of our Awards Council, we are now ready to present our 2019 Grand Prize Winner Perfect Day, from our Food category. 



Enjoyed by every demographic all over the world, dairy is with $700 billion one of the largest industry around. The protein found in milk is among the most bioavailable on earth and is essential for preventing stunting in children and aiding muscle recovery in active adults. Unfortunately, the dairy industry also has some significant negative impacts on the environment and its main 'producers', cows, are generally intensively confined, bred for high milk production, and often separated from their calves at birth. Moreover, an increasing number of people are lactose intolerance, and the customary and liberal use of hormones and antibiotics in the upbringing and keeping of cows is causing increasing concerns.

Come to the rescue: Perfect Day! Advances in biotechnology provide a unique opportunity to address current and coming nutrition needs, without the significant environmental and climate impacts caused by animal agriculture. Perfect Day use microflora encoded with genes that instruct it to produce the protein they want: casein and whey, conventionally only available from cow's milk. As an ingredient, their protein easily fits into the existing infrastructure for dairy processing which means they partner with food brands across the world to launch products made from their protein such as milk, yogurt, and ice-cream. They have just launched their first product, ice-cream, and according to this CNBC article, their first batch sold out in hours. 


On receiving the news Perfect Day's CEO and Co-Founder Ryan Pandya commented, "Perfect Day is honored to receive the 2019 Katerva Grand Prize in sustainable innovation. This award validates the hard work and great strides our team has made toward advancing the role of flora-based proteins to fill the gap between meeting global demand for optimal nutrition and reducing strain on the planet’s resources."

Perfect Day was selected from ten amazing finalists, all of whom have all great potential to accelerate sustainable innovation in their respective Award Category. As our Grand Prize Winner, Perfect Day will receive acceleration support from Katerva including mentorship, advising, networking, and scalability planning. Our aim is to advance the work of Perfect Day and accelerate their capacity to make large-scale changes in the food system. 

The Other 9 Category Winners are:

Behavioral Change: - Expandals - Footwear that grows with your child.

Economy: Excess Materials Exchange - Digitally facilitated marketplace for exchange of excess materials and products.

Energy & Power: Nexwafe - Silicon wafer production technology with high cost-reduction potential

Environment: CO2 Evolution  - Technology enabling power plant and industrial CO2 emissions sources to capture their CO2 emissions low cost.

Gender Equality: Maternova  - Accelerating access to simple solutions that save women's lives.

Human Development: AUM - Restoring speech after throat cancer, voice prosthesis for $1.

Materials, Resources, Water: PulpWorks - Sustainable packaging for the consumer products industry.

Smart Cities: SweetSense - Sensors to monitor water, sanitation, energy & rural infrastructure.

Transportation: dreyevy - AI Copilot keeps drivers safe at all times.

All our finalists are doing amazing work and can benefit from being part of the Katerva network. We are constantly on the lookout for radical innovations that have the potential to radically shift us toward a more sustainable world. If you know of an innovation that fits this description, let us know.  

Congratulations again to Perfect Day!


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