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We at Katerva are very excited about our evolving collaboration and partnership with Informa in general and with LeadersIn and Greenbuild in particular, which are both part of informa connect.

As you know, ‘shining a spotlight’ on exciting sustainable disruptive innovations, such as yours, is key to Katerva and its mission and the collaboration with informa represents a huge step change for our ability to do so :-).

Below we have pulled together some tips and suggestions on how to create a great (pitching) video - hope you find them useful!


The Video

Here now some information of what we are looking for in a video:


To share your passion about your innovation, and excite and inspire others.

Content should include:

  • Why you are passionate about your innovation;
  • What is the problem you are addressing;
  • Why others should care about it;
  • How you have created the solution;
  • Imagine yourself looking back from the future, what is the greatest possible impact your innovation will have had?


Setting up


  • Natural or brightly lit areas will look best on camera        


  • Try to shoot in a quiet room with a clean, interesting background (Ideas could be in a cozy nook, office, chair in front of a bookshelf, couch, etc.)

Shoot Set-up

  • If using a smartphone flip sideways to shoot horizontally for a wider shot.
  • Place the camera on a stable surface level to your head for recording
  • Make sure sound is capturing properly

Tone & duration:

  • It should be a personal, spoken account rather than using subtitles.
  • Length: 2-3 minutes


Other Tips

  • Give yourself an intro: make sure to introduce yourself and any relevant information you’d like to share
  • Avoid reading from notes if possible
  • Speak naturally and with confidence


Submission deadline for 2020 Finalists & Category Winners
Videos should be submitted to  by 22nd June 2020.



Content Pitching Video

Here also some thought on creating a pitching video.

  1. Have a clear headline
  2. Identify 3 major benefits
  3. Provide evidence of the benefits!
  4. Demonstrate that you love what you’re doing
  5. Share what’s next


You may also want to check out some tips from Indiegogo, the crowdfunding platform, which go into more detail on the following:

  1. What you’ll need before you start filming
  2. How to prepare for making a video
  3. How to actually get your video made
  4. Different ways to tell stories
  5. Video guidelines
  6. Tips for going from ‘good’ to ‘great

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