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The Essentials of Biomimicry

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In collaboration with Informa's division  LeadersIn, Katerva is producing video podcasts titled, "Conversations with Experts, Present & Future."  One of our first topics was biomimicry. Below the links to all three videos that are part of the mini-series:

Biomimicry Pt. 1 with Dr Arndt Pechstein
As an initiator of the Hybrid Thinking approach, he coaches and consults on change & transformation strategies to help organizations in their digital and agile transition and toward innovative business models."

Watch the video here.

Biomimicry Pt. 2 with Giles Hutchins
Hutchins developed an approach called ‘Firm of the Future’, which comprises of learning from living systems to help our organizations transform. Hutchins has also published 4 books on the related subject matter, dedicating his time to this field of expertise. 

Watch the video here.

Biomimicry Pt. 3 w/ Arndt Pechstein and Giles Hutchins
For our 3rd and final part on experts within biomimicry, our Editorial Content Editor Jordan Thorne brought both Arndt and Giles together for a joint discussion on all things biomimicry.

Watch the video here.

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