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San Diego, Calif. (June 8, 2018) – Following a rigorous process including just over 1,000 nominations and a review by an international panel of experts and advisors, the 10 Category Winners of the 2018 Katerva Awards have been identified. In its seventh year, the Katerva Award identifies, evaluates and advances the most promising early-stage innovations that are solving the most complex and intractable problems facing the world today.

Katerva, a San Diego-based non-profit institution that has built a public and private sector global network that matches intelligence, the power to enact change and the funding to make it happen.

The 10 awards categories addressing challenges in such areas as energy, transportation, food, transportation and the environment.

"We are excited and very honored to have reached the status of Category Winner,” said Mary Grikas, Vice President Global Communications of SolarReserve. "It is wonderful to be in the company of others who are working to make a difference and have a positive impact on our planet.”

Using an award and grand challenge format, The Katerva Award’s core function is to create a new platform for the way in which the international community connects global information, influence and investment with promising innovations from around the world. Prize winners are matched with best-in-class global advisors and resources to help them further scale their businesses.

“Our greatest hope for a better future lies in the hands of true innovators,” said Terry Waghorn, founder of the awards program. “Our 10 category winners represent some of the most promising solutions to major challenges facing our world today and we are excited to provide them this platform to accelerate their ability to enact real change.”

The  Finalists and 10 Category Winners are:

Winnow - Technology that cuts food waste in half and boosts kitchen profitability.
Other FinalistsBags of Taste; Drought Prediction Tool; Educate Me; Fightthestroke; Kiron Open Higher Education; Saliva-powered battery; Seriti by Share Me Studio; Stevie the Robot; Stitch
Fundación Capital - Facilitates partnerships between governments and financial institutions to provide inclusive financial services and social programs.
Other FinalistsAID Tech; BanQu; Bridg; FORSA; GreenCake; Khdemti; MetroCredit; YamarkExpress; Young Professionals for Agricultural Development
Solar Reserve - Molten salt tower receiver with integrated thermal energy storage leads the concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP) industry in terms of efficiency, reliability and cost.
Other FinalistsGlobal Supply Solutions; Greenway Smart Stove; Karmsolar; LuminAID; Microbial Fuel Cell; Partheon Seawall; SEaB Energy; SOLshare; Sustainable Alternative Lighting
Afforest for Future - Afforest for Future has a patent pending on its unique methodology for desert greening and on its Artificial Intelligence algorithms.
Other FinalistsClimeworks; Flow Hive; Frozen Zoo; Full Cycle Bioplastics; HiveMind Bioremediation; Land for Life: Inga Alley-Cropping; Mestic®; SafetyNet Technologies; Skymining
Protix - Brings the food system back in balance with nature and it has been their life mission since 2009 with the idea that insects play a pivotal role in nature. Inspired by nature.
Other FinalistsAgribody Technologies; Finless Foods; Full Harvest Technologies; Hydroponics Kenya; Nambu; Saline-Tolerant Vegetable Cultivation; Solar Food; String Bio; Urban Food Street
DoctHERs - Using Tech to Reintegrate Marginalized Women into the Workforce
Other FinalistsLead; Mechanical CPAP device (Saans); Sustain Natural; The Barter Bank
The Victoria Hand Project - Innovation aiming to improve their quality of life and increase their access to employment opportunities.
Other Finalists3D integumentary organ system; BEMPU Hypothermia Alert Bracelet; Biosynthesis of fungal antibiotics; Field Ready; Immunotherapy Patch; MedicSen; Myocardial regeneration; Shoe that Grows; Transcriptic
GEOCEMENT - New environment friendly cement, based on geopolymer technology
Other FinalistsDesolenator; Energy generating Wood Floor; FREDsense chemical detection platform; Kiverdi; Nanobionic Light-emitting Plant; Ocean Well; SafetyNet Technology; Warka Water; Water Pearls; WaterSeer
Waste4Think - Smart technologies to move from the current urban waste management systems to a circular economy model.
Other FinalistsAirFabric by Insyab; ARKUP LIVABLE YACHTS; bGrid; DiamondSquare PopUp Park; ECOTEN Urban Comfort; Eternal Weave Techonolgy; noMad - Autonomous Assembly; Pod Vending Machine; Urban Algae Clad
AirGo Design - The world's first full-composite aircraft seat
Other FinalistsAdgero; BikeSeeker; Blink; Einride T-Pod; Loop; Reducing harmful gas emissions; Vaporization Energy

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